Tuesday, September 18, 2012

School: Just What the Doctor Ordered

Dr. Pepper ad that uses evolution picture is causing "outrage" among creationists? I don't know which part of that is the dumbest--the fact that creationists exist, or the idea of a Dr. Pepper ad sparking controversy. I just can't believe how stupid so many people are. It's an excellent argument against states being in charge of their education. Also, against home-schooling in many cases. It's like global-warming: look, people, this is not a debate or a controversy or whatever. These are scientific facts. It's like that part of that one Will Farrell movie...Anchorman??...where he is on a date and he makes up something about what "San Diego" means. She tells him what it means, and he says, "Well, agree to disagree." Dumb asses.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Our Government's Unconstitutional Secrecy

Here's an editorial from the New York Times: let's hope the bill passes, but I'm a bit skeptical...


Thursday, April 3, 2008

Friday, March 28, 2008

...must have been written by a woman...typical

The article from the Wall Street Journal is called "At the Barricades in the Gender Wars, and it is by Jonathan Kaufman and Carol Hymowitz, March 29, 2008, Page A1 ___________________________________________________

There are a few issues at hand here. One, this story should not have been labeled as a political story about Hillary Clinton. This was a story about women's equality in the workforce. That would be a good story. Two, it is not a gender issue when people don't like a female candidate, or even when they call her derogatory names. People refer to every presidential candidate or famous person, in general, in derogatory terms. If you, we, want to be treated equally, we can't cry sexism every time someone hurts our feelings!

This story in the Wall Street Journal mentions a Facebook page that's called, "Hillary Clinton Stop Running for President and Make Me a Sandwich." I wasn't offended; I thought that was funny. People need to lighten up: it's a joke.

In another part of the story, Dr. Jill Fiore who teaches at a college in Pennsylvania is quoted as saying, "The sexism aimed at Hillary is astounding me. We want to let our daughters know that we can be anything. It's a lie. If even Hillary Clinton can't make it, what chance do we have?"

Are you kidding? What kind of a defeatist attitude is that? I'm glad she's not my mom. When people say things like that (not just gender issues about Clinton, bus race issues about Obama, or maybe even age issues about McCain) they are enforcing the exact prejudices they're trying to fight against. If you think that ONE woman or ONE man is going to make or break your chances of achieving something, you're setting yourself up for failure. Why would one assume that Clinton was our only chance of a female president? I find it sexist to consider voting for someone just because of her gender, or racist to vote because of his race, or ageist to vote because he's been around since the dawn of time.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hillary Clinton's Foreign Policy Experience Put in Check


FactCheck.org looked into Hillary Clinton's commonly-made assertions that she has foreign policy experience that Barack Obama does not. It is true that she has more; however, her claims are exaggerated.

(I should note that in an effort to be unbiased, I will also post information about Barack Obama and John McCain not living up to their claims. I would like to become more informed about each of the candidates' records. I will share the wealth.)